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  • Complete real-time transparency into every aspect of order routing and fees
    via highly customizable web-based Dashboard.

  • Highly configurable router for equities and options, enabling industry-leading liquidity capture, microstructure fee mitigation, and everything in-between. Tweaked for microstructure changes in real-time and customizable to the firm, strategy, account and even symbol level, this is the multi-function, do-it-all router you need to solve most of your needs.

  • Highly configurable sweep-no-post algorithm with a variety of useful parameters
    including advanced fee calibration.

  • Ultra-aggressive sweeping router configured for ultra-fast liquidity capture,
    pre-set to bias liquidity capture over fee sensitivity.

  • Ultra-low latency multi-asset router, designed to enable sophisticated clients
    that are highly sensitive to liquidity yield capture.
    A premium strategy with sub-25 microsecond internal order processing, that immediately seizes the greatest amount of liquidity as displayed upon order arrival.

  • A unique pair of algorithms, designed to streamline and enhance options crossing workflow
    over multiple exchanges, all at the click of a button.

  • Delivering order control at the volatility level, with fee and liquidity optimization,
    bells, whistles and of course... real-time transparency.

  • A remarkably flexible, high-performance suite of algorithms utilizing sophisticated microstructure techniques to advance benchmark performance, liquidity capture and fee mitigation. (including: VWAP, TWAP, Volume Participation, Implementation Shortfall, Rapid, Rapid Dark, Flexible Participation, Synthetic Peg, Sensor, Smoke & Strike)

Why Dash Financial

Dash is a next generation, pure-agency broker dealer founded with three core tenets:
Performance, Transparency and Service.
Built from the ground up with leading edge technology and launched in 2011,
Dash provides a suite of high-quality execution and clearing products and services designed for institutional traders
who value performance and require real-time transparency into all aspects of their orders.


  • Fully customizable Routers & Algorithms
  • Superior liquidity capture
  • Fee optimization
  • Microstructure consultancy


  • 100% Real-time transparency
  • Live order routing audit trail
  • Complete child-level fee analysis
  • Attribution to aid enhanced customization

  • Cutting-edge execution and reporting suite
  • Superior liquidity capture
  • 100% Real-time transparency
  • Liquidity capture / fee optimization
  • Industry-leading service and support

In 2011, we launched Dash with a next generation, completely flexible, fast and transparent trading infrastructure to tackle the challenges faced in today’s ever-changing execution landscape.

We studied each component of the trading process to build a cutting edge-execution and reporting suite from the ground up, suited to both current and future microstructures.

We incorporated a lightning-fast connectivity architecture to enable unrivaled liquidity capture, a proprietary microstructure routing layer to enable unparalleled fee optimization; and a modular architecture to allow any combination of the two at the touch of a button.

Sitting above the routing architecture is a suite of routers and algorithms designed to operate flexibly, intelligently and stealthily using an array of techniques consistently honed and tweaked to remain highly effective in any trading, rule, or fee environment.

With a significant focus on providing top quality service and concierge support, our team of execution and microstructure experts are also proud to offer assistance and consulting in all facets of routing, execution and clearing.

    • Web-based Dashboard (front-end agnostic)
    • 100% Real-time transparency into order routing and execution
    • Comprehensive exchange fee reconciliation
    • Detailed liquidity capture analysis
    • Venue reporting & analysis
    • Custom reports and comparisons
    • Sophisticated microstructure consulting and color
    • Detailed TCA / benchmark analysis and attribution
    • Dash provides execution via a host of different EMS/OMS and connectivity profiles. In order to present detailed feedback on routing and execution behavior, we provide our clients with a web-based Dashboard which allows comprehensive, real-time access into every component of the routing and execution process.

    • At the child-order level, clients can see where Dash is routing the order and why, and the prevailing market conditions with depth of book snapshots at the microsecond each wave was routed. We also provide the routing table structure and even the FIX message containing the native exchange messages. Nothing regarding routing logic or executions is withheld.

    • Dash provides the ability to tweak behavior at the firm, strategy, PM, trader, or even symbol level. The ‘Algo Wizard’ provides a customizable experience that calibrates the modular architecture and eliminates the need to make lengthy code changes or deal with QA and release cycles. Instead, we merely update a wizard and the algorithms update in real-time.

    • We also provide consultancy on the routing process to ensure our products are tuned perfectly to your exacting liquidity and cost profile.

Who We Are

When we set about building Dash, we wanted to solve the structural deficits associated with execution. Analogous to this was the fact that before we launched, it was impossible for institutional traders to witness how their broker was routing and executing their orders – where the executions were coming from, and what the costs of each fill looked like broken down by each fee and levy.

Without detailed feedback on behavior, it is impossible to form a conclusion as to whether the techniques used are optimal and one size clearly doesn’t fit all. Performance means different things to different people but whether it is capturing the liquidity on the screens, fee optimization or benchmark deviation, we felt that there tends to be one of three reasons for underperformance: technology deficiencies, lack of microstructure expertise or routing decisions made for reasons other than achieving the client’s objective.

We set about building a state-of-the-art modular trading architecture that was not just ‘built for now’ but allowed the ability to evolve with the microstructure seamlessly as well as to be customized to an individual client, strategy, individual or even symbol. We assembled a team of highly experienced microstructure experts to calibrate the products and consult on routing practices. We also launched with a Dashboard, a fully transparent glass box into our engines to be able to analyze every single aspect of the trading process and aid this consultancy process.

Service to us is, and should always be a white-glove experience. At Dash we are proud to offer unparalleled service and support.


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