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Highly customizable, Institutional-Grade, Trading Technology & Services

In 2011, we launched Dash with a next generation, completely flexible, fast and transparent trading infrastructure to tackle the structural deficits inherent in today's ever-changing execution microstructure.

Sitting above a proprietary low-latency routing architecture is a suite of high performance, home grown routers and algorithms designed to operate effectively under any trading, rule, or fee environment.

With a significant focus on providing top quality service and concierge support, our team of execution and microstructure experts are also proud to offer assistance, consulting and analysis in all facets of routing, execution and clearing.

See exactly where your trades go.

Infinite Transparency

One of the largest areas for improvement in the world of institutional brokering has always been transparency. We launched Dash with the ability to provide 100% real-time order-to-execution transparency and exchange reconciliation at the individual child-order level so that a client of Dash sees everything we do...where their orders are being routed and why, the order type, destination, details as to what the order book looked like at every step of the way.

In our most recent generation of transparency and reporting tools we introduce data visualization concepts that bring the order-execution life cycle to life visually and provide guidance to the consultancy and customization process.

Our Partners

Dash is a proud member of all US Equity and Options Exchanges and, amongst others, partners with the following platforms:

About Us

Performance means different things to different people, but whether it is capturing the liquidity on the screens, fee optimization or benchmark deviation, we felt that there tends to be one of three reasons for underperformance: technology deficiencies, lack of microstructure expertise or routing decisions made for reasons other than achieving the client's objective.

We set about building a state-of-the-art, modular trading architecture that was not just 'built for now' but allowed the ability to evolve with the microstructure seamlessly, as well as to be customized to an individual client, strategy, trader or even symbol level. We established a team of highly experienced microstructure experts to calibrate the products and consult on routing practices. We also launched with a unique Dashboard, a fully transparent glass box into our engines to be able to analyze every single aspect of the trading process and aid this consultancy process.

Service to us is, and should always be, a white-glove experience. At Dash we are proud to offer unparalleled service and support.

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